23rd International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS 2020)
08.06.2020, S. 103-117

A Novel Multi-agent-based Chatbot Approach to Orchestrate Conversational Assistants

Jan Felix Zolitschka

Nowadays, chatbots have become more and more prominent in various domains. Nevertheless, designing a versatile chatbot, giving reasonable answers, is a challenging task. Thereby, the major drawback of most chatbots is their limited scope. Multi-agent-based systems offer approaches to solve problems in a cooperative manner following the “divide and conquer” paradigm. Consequently, it seems promising to design a multi-agent-based chatbot approach scaling beyond the scope of a single application context. To address this research gap, we propose a novel approach orchestrating well-established conversational assistants. We demonstrate and evaluate our approach using six chatbots, providing higher quality than competing artifacts.


In order to demonstrate the applicability of our approach, we use Aimpulse Spectrum as a runtime environment for large multi-agent systems providing a platform to design and execute reactive as well as deliberative agents based on FIPA ACL as standardized agent communication language.


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